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Southwest Chemical Company was founded in 1950 by Neil & Mary Grace Ashlock in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Originally housed at 508 E Avenue, Southwest Chemical specialized in paper products, janitorial equipment & supplies. The company rapidly grew out of that location and moved to 302 F Avenue, located on the railroad. Large shipments, including Scott Paper Company, were delivered by rail. During this time, restaurant equipment and supplies were added and members of the 2nd generation Ashlock family joined the company.

Thanks to urban renewal, Southwest Chemical Company was again forced to move. A plot of land at # 1 C Avenue was for sale and Southwest Chemical quickly acquired that location. That had significance to the Ashlock family as it had once been the address of Ozmun & Company, a wholesale grocer owned by Mary Grace Ashlock’s father, Leo Ozmun. 

With the passing of Neil Ashlock in 1969, Mary Grace Ashlock continued to operate the company with her three daughters until her death in 2005. The company carried on with her daughter Mary Ann Ashlock Swigert assuming the ownership, after purchasing the company from her sisters.  She now runs the company with the help of her husband Jerry.

In 2007, the 3rd generation Ashlock family member, granddaughter Laura Meyers Magrath and her husband Shawn moved back to Lawton to help grow the family business. 

We have been proud to call Lawton/Ft. Sill our home for the past 65 years and we look forward to the continued growth of our family business with upcoming generations.